Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Twelve and Three Quarters

It's been so long since I last posted that Blogger has completely changed, and I feel as if I'm having to learn how to blog all over again - that'll teach me to slack off. Herbie's had a tough year, with going blind, and then breaking a toe on the ice at the end of November. We were at the arboretum, and it was both muddy and icy, and we were sliding all over the place. When we came home, he didn't want to put weight on his back right foot, so off to the vets again.

Herbie's been on restricted exercise ever since, and for once it's been easy, he hasn't wanted to go out much. He's slowed up anyway, and would prefer to recline on his couch, watching the world go by. He's just a very old dog now, and it's hard to keep the weight on him, but he enjoys my efforts in that direction. It's bitterly cold here at the moment, minus 10 last night, so he's on extra cheese rations.

Holly is her usual bouncy self, and the snow brings out her inner husky. She would like to tow me down the street, and enjoys running along, nose down, inhaling snow as she goes, then sneezing every few steps because her nose is full of snow. If only I could capture this on video!

Anyway, new year, same old us - for as long as it lasts.