Monday, July 26, 2010

Tail Ends is Ending

We're all still here, but an era is drawing to a close at Tailends, the greyhound hospice in Devon. One of the founders, Angela, died earlier this year, and her partner has decided not to take in any new dogs, but to let the existing cohort live out their days. Given that most of them came to Tailends on their last legs, that may not be very long. They have done amazing work for the last couple of decades.

I am going through the usual summer lull at work, and am very bored. Fortunately a kind friend has sent me a boxed set of Flight of the Conchords, so at least I can hum silly songs to myself. I'm very much enjoying the dead-pan New Zealand take on life in New York.

And finally, a sad farewell to Soly, my sister's Maine Coon cat. Something got him, out in the fields. He died out hunting, which is possibly how he would have wanted to go, but we were all expecting him to last a bit longer than he did. Rest in peace, Sol.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dentist Time

Herbie's eating again, but his teeth are in a terrible state. My vet, this time, said she might be feeling brave enough to tackle them. Having spent 18 months thinking he could go at any moment, she, like my previous vet, had been reluctant to put him through a potentially risky operation. Now his teeth are really really bad, despite toothbrushing and mouthwashes.

So. Huge decision. We're going to do it when Lucy is back from her holiday. There's always a risk, with general anaesthetics, but this time... not going to think about it too much. Instead I'm going to go put dry trousers on, Herbie's just wiped his face all over what I'm currently wearing.#

Thanks for all the good wishes. Herbie seems to react badly to almost everything these days.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drug reaction

Still here, but it's been a difficult week. Herbie was prescribed Previcox last week, to help with his stiff back end, and on his third dose a reaction set in - diarrhoea with strings of fresh red blood. OK, I thought, a soothing diet. Fine for a couple of days, then off his food completely.

Fortunately, just as panic was setting in, and he wouldn't eat anything with painkillers concealed inside so he was reluctant to go for walks, and I was worrying about quality of life - he decided he would like some yoghurt. And some of Holly's food. Tonight he ate boiled mince and then realised that while he didn't want my cooked blackcurrants, he would definitely like some custard. It's not something I'd recommend as part of a balanced canine diet, but for a dog that's been turning his face away from all food... I might even make him some more tomorrow.