Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drug reaction

Still here, but it's been a difficult week. Herbie was prescribed Previcox last week, to help with his stiff back end, and on his third dose a reaction set in - diarrhoea with strings of fresh red blood. OK, I thought, a soothing diet. Fine for a couple of days, then off his food completely.

Fortunately, just as panic was setting in, and he wouldn't eat anything with painkillers concealed inside so he was reluctant to go for walks, and I was worrying about quality of life - he decided he would like some yoghurt. And some of Holly's food. Tonight he ate boiled mince and then realised that while he didn't want my cooked blackcurrants, he would definitely like some custard. It's not something I'd recommend as part of a balanced canine diet, but for a dog that's been turning his face away from all food... I might even make him some more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Herbie, stay strong and keep eating! We had success with mashed potatoes, cous cous, and salmon when Cole went through her picky eating stages.

Take care. We are thinking about you here, hoping for good food and a full belly for Herbie!


Anonymous said...

How is Herbie doing now? Does he continue to eat the yogurt and custard? Is his appetite improving?

Hugs and voracious appetite thoughts are coming your way from California.