Thursday, July 27, 2006

Death in the North East

It's been 10 days now since the Sunday Times published its article about "the Seaham slaughterer" and the 10,000 greyhounds allegedly buried in his back yard. Any progress?

Well, Newcastle pound has reported 32 greyhounds being handed in over 3 days last week. Now, the trouble with handing dogs in to the pound is that the council don't have to wait 7 days before putting them to sleep, not if it's a "voluntary surrender". Dogs can be euthanased the same day. So, as it's the summer, the traditional time for dumping your dog while you go on holiday, the pounds are full, and dog wardens are bringing new dogs in every day - no room for the surrendered greyhounds. Neat transfer of the killing fields from the private to the public sector.

There is no obligation on the pounds to record or report the earmarks of ex-racing greyhounds, so once again, the dogs vanish and the racing industry claim there isn't a problem. Council taxes go up, someone's got to pay for all the lethal injections, but it sure isn't the racing industry that pays.

Isn't it time local authorities started keeping track? The NGRC might not be too keen... How many of the 8,000 dogs put to sleep in council pounds (Dogs Trust figures for 2005/06) are/were greyhounds? I think it's time we knew.

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