Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dem Bones, Dem Bones

...dem half-chewed messy leg bones - or how to keep a pair of dogs very happy. There's only one butcher, about 20 miles away, that will give you huge lumps of sawn-off cow leg to take away, everyone else mutters about EC regulations, so yesterday I had to make the trek past all the obstacles that clog our roads in summer. The things we do for love.

One person who must be celebrating at the moment is Raven and Cypher's person. Raven has come through her bone marrow transplant and is now lymphoma-free! The Australians are way ahead of us on this - it wasn't ever mentioned as an option here, and Herbie went to Cambridge Vet School for first diagnosis, one of the top places for cancer treatment. I probably couldn't have afforded it, even with insurance, but maybe one day it will become more available. Or maybe we'll find out why lymphoma is so common in dogs, and be able to avoid it.
I think Holly's jaw has become permanently stretched from yesterday's bones.


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

yummmmm... nasty bones! I also wonder why I hadn't heard about the possibility of a bone marrow transplant... given that CSU is one of the top places for cancer treatment in this country! I wonder if it is still considered experimental? I should probably read more about it on Raven's blog...

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Oh, bones! What a treat. I often spy those dried leg bones at the pet store and wonder if I should get one for Waldo. He would have a grand time.

That is great news about Raven. I didn't even know a bone marrow transplant was an option for dogs.

Fiona said...

Disgusting bones = happy dogs :o) My garden looks like a graveyard sometimes.
Delighted to hear about Raven.