Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cabin Fever

There's so much ice around, that trips to the outside world have been few. I had a snow day on Thursday, since all the local schools were closed and Radio York gave their "Is your journey really necessary?" pitch. Work? Nah.

The dogs are not happy, though, and have both skidded onto their not-so-well-padded behinds. (I've gone over on mine a few times, but I've got the cushioning to survive!) The sharper pieces of ice hurt their feet, and at one point we found a load of blood on the ice - I think someone else's dog may have cut a pad. Either that, or there's been a murder at the roadside, and when the snow melts, there'll be a body under a pile of snow. Or maybe the snowman in the garden on the corner wasn't made by kids, but by the murderer concealing the evidence... I've been trapped indoors too long with only a pile of old Agatha Christies for company.

A friend once said she couldn't live in the country in case she turned into Miss Marple, and I though, Too late, I've already turned. But even if the neighbours have all murdered each other, I'm not going out to investigate until some of this ice has melted.


YMO said...

Ouch, poor doggie paws.

But not going to work for humans cos of ice sounds good to me!

Sadly, too warm in London....

Lesley Rigby said...

Tell Herbie and Holly to "Be careful out there"! Long legs and unpadded bums are not good in weather like that.
I once saw a lot of blood on snow and it has always stayed in my mind. The contrast really is a shocking sight.