Monday, February 16, 2009

Eight and Five-Sixths

I'm back to counting. It's mostly been degrees centigrade (supposed to reach the heady heights of 8 degrees C, I am so happy it's above freezing!) but today it's Herbie part-birthdays. His nodes seem to have taken another leap forward in terms of growth. We're seeing the vet tomorrow for a check-up. She's agreed to refer us to a vet who will prescribe CV247 but wants to see Herbie first. She's understandably wary of a drug she has no personal experience of, but the Editor of Dogs Today, bless her and her house for always, has given me a list of vets who will prescribe.

It's pretty late in the day to be trying experimental (in the eyes of the licensing authorities, anyway, I know the drug has been around for a while) things on Herbie, but there are meant to be no side effects. Either it works or it doesn't, and it's worked on some mice with lymphoma in trials. I swing between wanting to leave Herbie be, and refusing to give up without a fight.


Lesley Rigby said...

Handh, you must be as strong a person as Herbie is a dog because I can't imagine the stress you have been through during Herbie's illness. You sound as if you are on your own, just like Graham was with Prince, and that must be double the hell never having someone to share it with. I am not in the position to know what you should do, but I think you know your own dog well enough to know when he has had enough. You have always made the right decisions in the past and so have a little chat with Herbie and he will tell you the next step. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Happy part-Birthday to Herbie!! Good luck in your pursuit of the new treatment. By the sound of his reaction to the new dog walker, he's got a bit of fight left in him! You go Herbie!!


Anonymous said...

So tough. If we are all lucky enough to have our dogs live relatively long lives chances are we all deal with this in one way or another. No matter what and when you will make the right decision--there is no wrong decision. Herbie is very lucky to have you with him.

Cheryl said...

Well, Herbie is sure fighting. He's a tough guy for hanging in there all this time. We wish you and him luck, love, and strength.

-Cheryl and Jenna

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I'm sure that whatever you choose will be the right thing. He's certainly putting up a good fight, so you must both be doing the right things so far!