Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Losing Weight

Not me, unfortunately, but Herbie. It looks like the CV247 was only able to stave off the inevitable for so long, and now he's going a little further downhill. His appetite is still excellent, so I'm giving him extra cottage cheese after breakfast. Maybe he'll eat tripe again. It was a tip I gleaned from Lurcherlink a long time ago, as a way of getting weight onto a scrawny sighthound, but Herbie was fed a lot of tripe when he first developed swollen glands, and was losing a pound a week despite eating till he was barrel-shaped. He ate tripe through the early weeks of chemo, and then started refusing it. I don't know if he'll associate it now with chemo, but it might be time to try again.

Tripe, even uncooked, is vile stuff. The Scary Parking Attendant in Helmsley has adopted a new Great Dane, a young male (of course he'd intended to get a middle-aged bitch!) whose owners were emigrating to New Zealand and couldn't afford to fly the dog out with them. The Dane was used to cooked tripe, but after cooking it once, the SPA's wife said "Either the tripe goes or I do." An intelligent woman, who had realised that the dog certainly wasn't going.

Fortunate for me, then, that I need to lose weight, I'm excused the tripe diet myself - but if that was all I had in the house, I would definitely rather starve!


Ari_1965 said...

I don't mind preparing liver or some giblets, but I just can't do the tripe. The smell permeated. I worried that I carried the odor with me as a personal cloud: Here comes Tripe Woman.

I'm sorry Herbie is losing weight.

Anonymous said...

This bout of losing weight could just be another temporary set back. Herbie has proved to be a wonder dog and bounced back before! We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed here that that is the case.

Salmon was a winner here. That and mashed potatoes.

Tripe...hmm...a polish friend of my husband just loves tripe soup and has offered to have us over for a meal of it. Yeah, um, I think I'll suddenly have a headache that night.

Teresa, Bridget, Ben, and Cole

Aoj and The Hounds said...

Keeping everything crossed that this is just a blip for Herbie. Will have him in my thoughts, and you too. {hugs}

Emily and the Labradors said...

not actually sure what tripe is... but pretty sure I don't have or want any in the house! Sorry to hear Herbie is losing weight... but is it a glimmer of good news that he still has a good appetite at least. We'll all be hoping for the best for your boy over here!