Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Chilling

... on our very cold tiled floor in the hall. It's warm outside, but the hallway is cool, so we've each got a mat on the floor.

The dogs are happy first thing in the morning, and roll over for tummy inspection time - a morning ritual. As soon as it's obvious I am actually going to get out of bed, rather than lie there groaning, they like to roll over and wave their legs in the air. Then of course I have to get up to tell them what marvellous tummies they have. By evening, they're both giving their celebrated impressions of a dead dog by the roadside, lying with their necks at impossible, fractured angles, and with their breathing scarcely visible. If I go over and check on them, they huff at me.

I had a great trip to Woolfest at the weekend. It's a long drive from here, 3 and half hours each way, but worth it. I've come away with a year's worth of inspiration and addresses. I now also want some North Ronaldsay sheep, that don't need shearing, their wool just falls off, and they're little and cute, and... I have nowhere to put a sheep. And Angora rabbits are out of the question, given Holly's hunting abilities.


Ari_1965 said...

I want four of those beige sheep with the black faces. I can just see them out in the meadow(?) pasture(?) field(?) paddock (?) Well, wherever you keep sheep, I can see them out there. And Buddha would herd them whenever they needed herding and keep the wolves and the lions away from my sweet sheep with the cute black faces. I'm sure Buddha could do that. He is half Belgian SHEPHERD, after all. There's instinct, you know.

Lesley Rigby said...

You paint a picture of such a happy "Family" with your dogs. You might be sweltering but those times are "Golden".
As for the sheep, I would settle just to see a few from my bedroom window each morning. A few cows and horses would also be very nice.

Anonymous said...

Belly rubs/inspection in the morning -- sounds like a wonderful beginning to the day!