Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Would Buffy Do?

I asked Holly that very question, and she said "Kick the fridge door open with one mighty blow, and devour the entire contents". Hmm, what about the slaying? "Oh, yeah, right, the slaying... there's some fish pie in that fridge, you know."

Herbie's more of a Xander - if there's trouble, it's best to head the other way. As you may be able to tell, I was given a copy of "What Would Buffy Do?" last week for my birthday, froma dear friend who knows I'm a big fan. It was also the week of Herbie's fifth "Gotcha" day - dog birthdays aren't always a known date, particularly with rescue dogs, but you can always celebrate the date you got your dog. It's odd, Herbie's been sick for two years and four months, almost as long as the time he's not been sick. Two years and eight months of healthy life with me - even if the first few months were spent putting weight on him, and hoping his fur would grow back (it did!)

And while on a film/TV related title, I received a surprise comment from the Real Lumpy Addams - now indeed all grown up!


YMO said...

Ha ha! Of all monsters, Holly sounds like the cookie monster.

If you were a Buffy character who would you be? I see a lot of the plucky, wise cracking slayer in you. As for me, well, I've got to be Willow of course...

Teresa said...

Happy 5th Gotcha day to Herbie and you!!

It took me a second to realize that those aren't Hollies ears to the left and right of her head, but her haunches. What a sweetie! Give both Hollie and Herbie a hug from me.

Take care,