Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nine and a half

The new red dog bed has been quite successful, and the old brown and gold stripey one has been scraped off the top to use as a pillow. These pictures show the odd kink at the end of Herbie's tail, where I think he's broken it at some point in the past. The second bone up is much thicker than the ones above and below.
I've just done some Quantum Touch training - more powerful than reiki, and I need practice now. It's weird how a short course can completely change your point of view. I've never particularly wanted to practise on humans, but for this, I can see the point. Without the feedback from someone who can speak, you don't know if you're making a difference. Many of the other people on the course were already professional therapists of one kind or another, and it showed in their professional manner, putting the "client" at ease, and so on. I'm so used to dealing with dogs that my idea of calming signals is to make little burbling noises, and say "Who's a poor old dog then?" rather than ask people to relax, take a deep breath, etc. etc. Lucky for humans that I don't intend to practise on them professionally.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I thought you said Hollie got the new red dog bed. Herbie, are you being a bed hog?!

You can just see how much he adores you by the way he looks into the camera (well, that aside from the alien glow - ha!). Why is it so hard to snap a photo without getting that?

The Quantum Touch class sounds intriguing. Lucking pups in that they get to be your practice people!!


YMO said...
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YMO said...

Quantum Touch sounds fascinating. With a non-speaking patient, how can you tell if your healing session is making a difference? Are you learning to read Herbie and Holly even more closely than ever now? What a wonderful skill to be developing!

BTW, did you know that Fiona is now training as a healer (human focused) and offers distance healing by telephone - I've had some sessions with her that way, and it's very relaxing. (And no, she doesn't burble and say to me "Who's a poor old dog then?"....)

HandH said...

Teresa - yes he is a bed hog! All beds have to be formally tested by His Herbiness, and then if he likes them, he returns on a regular basis.

YM - with QT, you can see misalignments realign, and you can see your "client"'s breathing slow, but it's down to guesswork and then judging from behaviour afterwards. Glad Fiona's got the hang of this dealing-with-humans thing!