Tuesday, February 16, 2010


... and that includes photos. Herbie looks exactly the same as he's done for months, so this is a photo from before Christmas.

It's been a busy week. Nigel's baby, William Thomas, arrived in the early hours of last Wednesday - needless to say, the car had iced over at the point when Mel realised she needed to go to the hospital NOW, so poor Nigel was frantically scraping ice off the windscreen at 2 in the morning... at least they got there, unlike this poor couple.

Then another member of the team at work left to join the NHS. And another person at work who left suddenly on Friday looks uncannily like the picture of an Irish woman suspected of being a hitwoman in Dubai. Now we're all going to be wondering... (Actually we think she was here at the time the murders were carrried out, but fiction is so more gossip-worthy than the truth.)

And finally, to add to all the excitement, I took the day off so I could get the chimney swept.


Anonymous said...

I love these chipmunk photos of Herbie, recycled or not! How can you not stay home EVERY day and just snuggle in with him?

Thanks for the link on the woman giving birth next to the water cooler. The closest thing I can image to that is getting home from a long drive during which I've drank a huge coffee, and thinking I'm not going to make it to the bathroom in time. Only in my case I don't have a baby hanging around for the next 18+ years!

Hugs to you. Hope you are well.

YMO said...

Chim chimenee chim chimenee chim chim cheroo - I'm picturing you dancing on the rooftops...