Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have a job

Fortunately I survived the cull, but some of my friends didn't. No real celebrations possible. It was a tough weekend, because Herbie ruptured a lymph node in his groin overnight. I have no idea how it happened, but it was an emergency trip to the vets on Saturday afternoon. He wouldn't eat, and I couldn't get antibiotics into him, so another trip first thing Monday, for an antiobiotic injection. The vet drained a load of fluid out of him, but he's still got a tangerine-sized mass. It's shrinking slowly, but it's not a good thing to happen.

He's still an invalid, and being waited on hand and foot. Nationwide chicken sales have rocketed, in order to tempt His Herbiness to eat. He wouldn't touch anything for a couple of days, but he's eating again. It's just the walking, and the stairs, but I hope he'll be able to manage them soon.


Hiking Hounds said...

I'm glad you still have your job. I know it's hard to see friends lose theirs though. The past two years we've had that happen at my work.

I hope Herbie has recovered and is doing well, poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...and I'm sorry for your friends. I hope His Herbiness is doing better. He really is going for the lumpy bumpy look isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Good that you have a job but so hard to see others that do not (survivor's guilt.)

How is your sister? How is Herbie?

Hugs to all...