Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Again

... and Herbie is his usual lively self. We're seeing out the tail end of Hurricane Katia. It's not often we get hurricanes here, but this one has taken down a few power lines. I have a wind-up radio, and a wind-up LED light, and today my hands are sore from all the handle-turning. Tomorrow I'm going out to buy a tiny battery-powered radio.

Anyway, the power's back on, my neighbours have shared their tales of dire suffering ("we had to eat corned beef and pickle sandwiches") and the man at the end of the road, who clears up trees, has had a bonanza, and a lot more firewood. It's been good to have a reminder of what the weather can do before it gets bad. Holly, however, is unimpressed. She's currently performing her impression of a very small hedgehog.


Hiking Hounds said...

LOL! Sounds like your neighbors really suffered. Glad you are doing well.

ari_1965 said...

By "pickle" do you mean a jar of slices of pickles or a jar of teeny-tiny cut up pickles known as pickle relish?

If I made a corned beef and "pickle" sandwich, I would mean slices of pickles. If I meant the jar of pickle relish, I would say corned beef sandwiches with relish. Although relish can be made of almost anything, pickle is the most commonly available in the U.S., especially in shops. Relishes made of other ingredients are usually homemade or in tiny expensive jars with names like Grandma's on them.

The reason I ask is that when I'm picturing these suffering neighbors of yours, I'd hate to be picturing sliced pickles when they actually were eating relish.

Spam. Come to think of it, your neighbors should have said Spam. Now that would be very sad. There is nothing sadder than Spam luncheon meat. (I often bemoan the fact that my country's contributions to the world diet are teabags, Spam luncheon meat, and Hershey's chocolate bars.) Corned beef doesn't sound nearly as sad as Spam. I liked corned beef, although it's rather salty.

Did I say I'm glad you and the hounds survived Katia? I forgot to say that, I know. Don't get me off on Spam or I forget all of my manners.

HandH said...

OK, I think I mean "pickle relish", as in little bits of chopped-up unidentifiable things in sticky brown sludge, with a sweet-sour taste.

My school was particularly keen on serving us spam fritters, presumable because it was cheap, and as a result spam and I are no longer friends. I don't keep any in case of emergencies - I have tinned dog food for that. In a variety of flavours.