Monday, October 29, 2007

Not My Favourite Dog

A certain young lady trod in something nasty on her trip to the woods on Friday. Unfortunately I only realised half way home, and so the inside of the car was covered in poo-prints. Both dog beds needed an urgent wash.

Today, we reach the car and she has a brown streak across the middle of her head. And her muzzle has brown smudges. Luckily I keep baby wipes and kitchen roll in the car, but even so... I could cheerfully swap her for something less poo-encrusted.


Ari_1965 said...

Buddha once ran by a pond edged with tall grasses. He had a great time. Evidently, pheasants also enjoy that area. Later, I had to soap him up three times in order to get rid of the pheasant poop and the smell. The backseat of the car never responded to home treatment. I ended up having to have the car interior professionally cleaned. Sometimes I think two goldfish in a bowl would make nice pets.

HandH said...

Pheasant poop! You're the only person I know who's had that that one... There are times when being unique isn't necessarily enjoyable.