Monday, March 10, 2008

Confined to Quarters

Not only is the weather lousy, but Herbie has holed one of his pads, and is limping horribly. Yesterday, Holly spotted a rabbit and took off, up the side of a quarry, and with barely a moment's hesitation, Herbie followed. He seemed a bit stiff on the way home, but it was only in the evening, when he didn't want to play tickling games, that I realised something was wrong. One of the pads on his front left foot is completely raw, and he won't wear his nice black neoprene boot. That's the trouble with velcro straps, even a Herbie can undo them.

Nevertheless, he stayed up late to watch Crufts (he normally puts himself to bed around 8!). For once, the BBC commentators were spot on, and the Giant Schnauzer did take Best in Show. I think it showed real confidence on the part of the owner, to win Best of Breed three years in a row, and still come back in the hope of going higher. All in all, a great evening of dog TV!


Lesley Rigby said...

Oh poor Herbie - as if he doesn't have enough problems. I hope it heals up soon and doesn't become a major problem. Isn't life B****y cruel?

I quite agree with you over the Crufts winner - he was gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed it and even had to silence my 'guest' (Graham) in no uncertain terms while it was on!! He gets very exhuberant with Tilly when he comes to collect her even after a short stay..........Madness isn't the word.

Ari_1965 said...

But I bet he had fun running after Holly.