Monday, May 05, 2008

Relaxing Bank Holiday

We've been staying home. No DIY, no visits to superstores, and only a couple of brief visits to relatives. Yesterday we were pretty much confined to quarters by the annual Tractor Run for charity. All winter, people have been tinkering with their vintage Massey Fergussons in preparation, and yesterday was the big day. I live right by the start of the run, and a couple of hundred vintage tractors chugging in a 20-mile circuit round your village means you have to leave early, and stay out till dark - or stay home.

Herbie has had his first trip to the vet in over four months. He has a histiocytoma on his leg. He had one a couple of years ago, and I didn't think you could get them twice, but those good folks on Greytalk have assured me that lighting does strike more than once . The vet was pleased with how well he was looking. "I was dreading this visit, when I saw your name on the list. I thought it was going to be one of those difficult ones. But he's kept the weight on really well." I think that might be code for "Your dog is fat".

There was an elderly man in the waiting room, dogless, trying not to cry, and when he collected his drooping, bleary-eyed dachshund, I could see why. Daxis aren't supposed to be floppy like that. I wanted him and his dog to be OK, but you could tell the vet had said "There's nothing else we can do." It's the worst thing, not having any hope. I am currently hoping Herbie outlives his histiocytoma - they take at least six weeks to clear up - but I have absolutely nothing to base that optimism on.


Linda Seid Frembes said...

That poor man! How awful to be sent home in such a way.

And Herbie with his histiocytoma... I actually had to look that up since I didn't know what it was. The explanation I read said something about Langerhans cell and its function in the immune system. Does a reappearance mean that Herbie's immune system is off-balance?

Sorry if that is too probing. Ever since Watson got sick, I have tried to learn as much as I can so I can spot any abnormalities in Waldo. Call me neurotic, but at least I am informed!

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

I'm glad Herbie had a good check-up! Except for the thing on his leg, that is. Hang in there buddy!

Lesley Rigby said...

Herbie really is a super dog isn't he?He must be made of strong stuff all that life throws at him. I do hope the latest problem doesn't get him down too much and he recovers sooner than expected.

The Tractor rally sounded good - unless you had to follow them on the road! I think you must live near to Helmsley. I stayed at a hotel in Harome at one time and thought it was totally wonderful. It was as if time had stood still. I remember an idyllic duck pond.

HandH said...

Linda, a histiocytoma is a round red lump, looks a bit like an abscess, but there's only clear fluid inside. They can be itchy, but are otherwise harmless, and go away by themselves. My previous vet told me that they are caused by an overactive immune system, that over-reacts to some minor stimulus. I'm baffled, at this stage in Herbie's life, why his immune system would be wasting energy in this way.

Lesley, you're right - we're not far off - did you stay at the Star?

Lesley Rigby said...

No, it was The Pheasant. It was approx. 1990. I would love to stay at the Star but every time I check for a room it is full. We had a meal at Scampston last year and I might be wrong but I think the people who own the Star do the catering there. The food was wonderful. I have stayed at The Ripley Castle Hotel twice, which I am sure you also know.

I've told you before I love Yorkshire - I wish I lived there!! I am green with envy............

Fiona said...

Herbie is SUCH a toughie Handh, it just shines through. I think he will continue to baffle you for a long time to come.
The story about that poor man and his dog brought tears to my eyes.