Sunday, October 26, 2008

Motheaten and Moulting

... that well-known firm of London solicitors (senior partner: Cuthbert Moulting). Herbie's pale beige undercoat is coming out in handfuls. He didn't shed much at all this spring, and I do wonder if the chemotherapy had something to do with that. Either that, or the cold wet summer it's been.

Anyway, I may yet be able to felt a whole new little greyhound out of clouds of fluff I'm gathering.

Herbie seems to be slowing down and sleeping more. He still wants to go for walks (we saw a double rainbow this afternoon) but I get the impression he's trying to conserve energy.


Ari_1965 said...

Well, since I have to wait until Buddha (rough wrestler; too rough on thin greyhound skin) and Alfie (insane Jack Russell Terrier mix; like having nine dogs at once) both pass on to the Great Dog Park in the Sky before I can rescue a greyhound, will you consider felting me a greyhound facsimile?

I'm sorry that Herbie appears to be slowing down. Could it just be in response to winter approaching? Here in Minnesota, it snowed today (although nothing accumulated) and I wore my winter hat for the first time this season.

YMO said...

Poor old Herbie, he's really been having a rough time. Hope you can keep him warm over the winter.

Lesley Rigby said...

I could have made a dog hair elephant out of the hair left behind when my son's dog "Scrappy" had been to stay over the weekend! I have NEVER seen so much dog hair............
Despite everything you still have a great sense of humour - it must be what keeps you going. Hug Herbie and keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

These beloved creatures teach us so much. Specifically so much about living in the moment. And you are giving Herbie great moments every day with his walkies and rainbows.

Take it all in, Herbiekins--every breath, every walk, every zoomie dream you have while sprawled out on the bed.

Hugs from California.