Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nothing to Relate

... nothing that isn't anxious-sounding, anyway. Weirdnesses at work, house purchase slowed to a crawl, a family member trying to pick a fight no one else wants... the reiki principles are coming in handy this week ("Just for today, do not anger, do not worry). I am trying to remain calm and serene, but spend much of my time sounding like Muttley just after he's been hit on the head by Dick Dastardly (if anyone remembers the Wacky Races cartoons!) Or do I mean just before he gets hit on the head?

Herbie and Holly came in the car to visit my sister, and were baffled to see a cat on her windowsill. Herbie kept looking from the cat to me to her, as if to say "Does she know there's a cat in her house? How did that get in there?" Yes, Herbie, she knows all about Solly, she put him there on purpose. It's a bit tricky, because Holly isn't cat-safe, and never will be.

Glorious sunshine today, crunchy autumn leaves and T-shirt weather. The world economy may have gone south, but at least it's a nice day...

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