Sunday, November 30, 2008


OK, this is an old snow picture now, with Herbie trying to melt it as fast as he can. This week has been more about mud and scraping ice off the car every time I want to go anywhere.

I have seen the inside of more DIY shops than I care to mention, and the marvellous Mr Hood, who does gates and fencing, has talked me into having laminate flooring, so... yet another trip to the builders' merchants. This house will become inhabitable. Soon. Really. I am totally convinced.

I am about to go back to work for a rest. I'll miss the dogs though - Holly has been much more cheerful with her human at home. If I had the money to stay home all day, I would.

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Lesley Rigby said...

My husband goes back to work for a rest. He's like a rat let out of it's cage once a holiday is over, scuttling down the drive to escape in his car!!

By the time Spring arrives your New Home is going to be beautiful! You don't get anywhere without a bit of mess......