Sunday, April 05, 2009

Almost Famous

I was pleased and surprised to find Herbie inside this month's copy of Dogs Today. I'd emailed the editor to ask about CV 247, and subsequently sent an update on his progress, which appeared on the blog for pets trying CV247, but I wasn't expecting to see Herbie in print. I showed it to him, but he didn't seem too impressed. I think he wanted a photo of himself in his younger days, before his face went white.

There are still no miracle cures, but given that I wasn't sure he'd last long enough for the postman to deliver the first bottle, he's doing OK. He's stopped going downhill at least.

He's currently nursing a sore ear, after trying to sniff a cat's bottom. The neighbour's ginger tom didn't want his bottom sniffing, and swiped across the top of Herbie's head. Blood everywhere, and I think it's a vet trip for antibiotics tomorrow. At the time, I was mostly pleased that Holly hadn't despatched the cat, and hadn't realised Herbie was hurt, but later I found the trail of blood up the stairs, and realised Herbie had taken a direct hit. That cat has zero nerves. I do a cat-scan every time I open the back door, to make sure the garden is cat-free. This one decided to jump over the garden wall and stroll across a lawn with two greyhounds on it. I am trying to make sure the neighbourhood cats survive, but they're not making life easy for me.


Ari_1965 said...

Congratulations on the magazine mention.

Does he have to have antibiotics? I'm asking because I don't know. I would just slap some antibiotic ointment on Buddha if he were scratched by a cat, but Buddha isn't facing Herbie's health issues.

Anonymous said...

Herbiekins, you're a supermodel! Congrats. So glad to hear he's hanging in there. Thinking of you both!!

P.S. I can relate to having a dog unsafe cat--LLewis chomped a Greyhound *and* a pitbull. Those cats--they do rule the roost.

Lesley Rigby said...

It is good news to hear Herbie is holding his own - no surprise is it!
Tilly has a ginger cat living next to her who she strives to "sort out" . We bought her a ginger tom puppet - named it Ivor after said cat, and she takes out her frustrations on that. It has lasted better than most dog toys but boy do you need to wear a thick glove under it...............

HandH said...

Ari, normally I'd do the same as you, but Herbie's immune system is shot. He picked up a nasty respiratory infection in the autumn, that Holly didn't get, and before that an ear infection - something greys rarely get.