Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Grey Easter

Cloud, then rain, then cloud. I have been trying to spring clean, but Holly thinks this is very boring, and will only let me do boring things for half an hour at a time. Then she barks and runs around, until I take her out in the garden to play.

Herbie no longer wants to walk as far, so Holly isn't getting as much exercise as a young girl needs. If I take her without Herbie, she tries to herd me back towards the house, and lets me know plainly that I've forgotten something very important, i.e. Herbie. Mad moments running round and round the clothes airer are about all we can do without taking/tiring the old lad. He stands on the back doorstep, shaking his head, before plodding back upstairs to bed. He has to have morning and evening walkies, but no more than half an hour these days.

He's still swallowing his CV247, but he seems static. It's better than some of the alternatives. In a couple of weeks' time, a builder's coming to open up the fireplace to install a wood-burning stove, and I'm worried it'll affect him. It's been hard even keeping him stable, but I've waited four months for this stove to arrive. We may have to spend a few days in the car, parked somewhere with rabbits to watch, while the builder builds, or unbuilds. Some weeks, I think I've done nothing, but keeping things on an even keel is not nothing. I keep telling myself.


Ari_1965 said...

It's hard work keeping things on an even keel.

There was a blue-splotched greyhound at the park today named Queen Wilhelmina.

Anonymous said...

Oh, HandH, it's so hard when life seems to stand still for our pups when everything around us, including builders building, moves ahead. You are doing so much! Time and presence are the two most precious gifts you can give Herbie right now, and you are doing both so well!

Living with Cole and Bridget at the end was truly a paradox. On one hand I had Cole who, like Herbie, couldn't walk very far and just wanted to lay down and cuddle. And the other hand Bridget, like Hollie, seemed to have more and more energy as our walks shortened. It was so hard to hold both at the same time. Yet each showed me the preciousness of the other...

Take care! {HUGS!!}

P.S. Thanks for stopping by our place today.

Anonymous said...

Keeping things on an even keel is the opposie of doing nothing, especially when you are juggling two very different dogs, in very different stages and, well, there's *you* too and what you need and want.

Thank you for keeping us all updated. Can you post a pic of Herbiekins soon? I love seeing his mug.