Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad Weather Blues

It's been four weeks now since the first snowfall, so I wasn't best pleased to find another inch fell overnight last night. While I haven't yet had to crawl across the road, the last couple of days have been ludicrously icy, and I've been driving to work at 10 miles an hour until I reach the main road.

I am tired of this now, and my patience with the dogs is at a low. They are sliding around on the ice, and Herbie isn't too happy, but Holly doesn't care if she pulls me over every time she sees a cat. I am thinking "treadmill" for Holly, and wondering if Herbie should be walked at all. I would just like to be able to go for a walk and get to the shops without skidding. Just for a few days, at least.


Ari_1965 said...

We're having a bit of a warm-up here. 25F today. But the ground is as icy and snowy as ever. I would like to see some green plants soon.

I know 2 people who bought treadmills (for people) and they use them to exercise their dogs. Someday I'd like to see if Buddha would even go near one.

Stay upright now.

Anonymous said...
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YMO said...

We've been getting cabin fever down here in London too. So when it was bright and sunny yesterday, we rushed out for a long 5 mile walk - aah, we feel so much better... It's 8 degrees at the moment and it feels like a heatwave. Hope the thaw has reached you by now!