Monday, June 21, 2010


... and he's not doing so well today. He's eating, but he hasn't wanted to walk anywhere much the last couple of days. It's sunny, but it's not baking hot. It's not a good sign.

I found the blog of someone else who's done CV247, which worked OK on Herbie, in that the tumours stopped growing while he was taking it. Heidi is 14 and has been taking CV247 for a year or so. It's nice to hear of older dogs doing well.

Everything at work is up in the air, yet again. New government, change of funding, rules, etc, and we were due to shed a few people over the summer. The number of posts going is increasing, and the latest view is that 30% of staff will have to go over the next 3 years. As I'm not a frontline worker, it's not looking good. Budget tomorrow. I suspect baked-bean manufacturers may do well, looks like the entire nation will be living off beans on toast for the foreseeable. I know this sounds Eeyorish, maybe I need a holiday.


Anonymous said...

Poor Herbie! You know, not only is the poor boy fighting lymphoma but he's also getting older. Maybe he's slowing down because of his age? The old boy is 10. That's 70 for you and me. Not as spry as he used to be. (What I'm saying but not saying is chin up, it may be part of the natural aging process.) And yet I understand that you are living this and may preparing yourself for what will inevitably come at some point. (Ok, I'm climbing down from this soapbox.)

Know that our thoughts are with you. Enjoy each moment.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in. Has his energy picked up at all?