Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chemo Week 15

The third dose of doxorubicin, and another visit to Mr. Lowe in Knaresborough. Herbie was un-nerved by it all, in part because another dog was protesting in the background the whole time. She was in for an operation, and not happy. I stayed with Herbie while he fought the anaesthetic, then waited until he was done. He's always very groggy, and keen to get back in the car.

While the results aren't as good as I'd hoped, the nodes aren't getting worse, and the popliteal nodes are down. The vet thinks that as long as the drugs are keeping the cancer in check, and he's not reacting badly to the drugs, it's worth continuing, so we're due back at the beginning of January.

When we got home, crisis! Herbie seemed to have dislocated a toe on his left back foot, and suddenly the nail was 90 degrees north of where it normally is, and his whole foot was splayed because a middle toe was lying sideways. I rang my usual vets, we rushed round, and as he jumped out of the car, he yelped. He'd relocated his own toe, he didn't want any more vets, thank you. I marched him in anyway, and the vet on duty said yeah, that happens sometimes, keep an eye on him in case.

Herbie's still coming round. It takes him all day to get over these treatments, and he's often a bit fragile the day after. I'm beginning to feel that way myself...


Lesley Rigby said...

I don't drink (not the alcoholic kind) but after a day like that I think I would have downed a bottle of Vodka! Thank goodness it is worthwhile and Herbie is doing well. The good times seem to far outweigh the bad times and that is what matters. Big Hugs for a Brave Boy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fiona said...

Thinking about you both and hoping that he feels better soon.....he is a tough one though and so are you. Take care xxx

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Isn't life bloody unfair at times?! Poor Herbie, suffering that on top of the rest of the traumatic events of the day.

Love to you all,

G, P & T xxx