Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Vaccine One Day?

In this week's Dog World, in the breed notes for Rhodesian Ridgebacks, there was mention of a vaccine being developed for lymphoma at Penn State University - I found details of the clinical trials here:

I don't normally read the dog weeklies, that are all about show dogs, but a neighbour, who used to show labradors, mentioned the article, so I bought a copy. Apparently the dog who first trialled the vaccine has been cancer-free for three years now. I hope the trials are successful, and that the vaccine becomes available over here.


Lesley Rigby said...

That is SO interesting! Thank you for passing the details on.
I hope Herbie is doing well and his paw has settled down alright. He must be very glad of his new coat in this weather! xxxxxxxxx

Nita said...

So, dog weeklies are like snobby dog news? I too hope Herbie is doing well

Btw,thanks for tagging me, you can check out my "tag answer" at

HandH said...

Yes, the weeklies are "snobby" dog news - us peasants with rescue dogs read the monthlies like Dogs Today (the editor blogs at )!