Sunday, December 09, 2007

Random Weekend Musings

When you tag people, there's always people you miss - in this case Ritinrider, with her blog about scholarships (see, this is why I have dogs, I can afford training classes), and Erika the Wordsmith, who manages to write despite the efforts of the cutest toddler ever (and if he could be guaranteed to stay that size for ever, I would consider adding one to the menagerie!)

Here in the Northlands, we have managed to snatch a dry walk in between the rain and snow showers.


Fiona said...

....and so cute they look too in their coats. Gorgeous.

Lesley Rigby said...

Very smart! They do have a look about them which makes me think they might not be too pleased at having to show off their new coats.........I am pleased to see Herbie looks very well considering what he has been through.

HandH said...

Lesley, you're so right! That was taken soon after there'd been loads of rain, and they were really suspicious about being bundled into their coats and forced outside. Herbie's much cheerier off the prednisolone.