Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nodal Inflation.

Just how big can lymph nodes get before they explode or something? Your whole life, you never see a lymph node from one year to the next, then half a dozen come along at once...

Oh, and I meant to mention this article last week: a Radio 4 newsreader has a rare type of lymphoma. It's odd, his first symptoms were the same as Herbie's - a perpetually snotty nose. With Herbie, it wasn't until he started chemo that it went away. Now it's back, but I know it's not a cold, it's part of the lymphoma territory.

The other interesting thing was the man getting odd sensations in his fingers and toes. Herbie's been stumbling occasionally, always the back left foot, for no apparent reason. He'll be trotting along happily, then just miss a beat. After reading the article, I realise it's part of the illness too. The things you learn. That you never intended to know about.


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Oh, poor Herbie! I hope he is still feeling ok even with those huge nodes :( ! Thinking of you guys!

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Goodness me. How is his breathing? And his energy? And how is the new job??

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! He looks like he's ready for a long day of snuggling.

Cole did the stumbling, too. She looked like a drunken sailor when it would happen. I always tried to make light of it and give her an extra hug afterwards.

My thoughts are with you and Herbie and Hollie, especially for Herbie, that he continues to do well.


HandH said...

His breathing's still fine, thank God. New job is erm, interesting - just had a pay review for the whole Council, and everyone (nearly) is getting a pay cut - the general mood is not good :-(