Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Dark and Stormy Night

... again. Nothing to report, but at least we're not flooded, like all those poor people in Cumbria. My roof was fixed just before the storms started, so I'm dry, my roof tiles are all still on, and I'm grateful. The dogs are both in their fleece jackets for the night, and I'm off to bed. Less than a month now till Christmas.


Anonymous said...

We are just heading into Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. Always a good time to list what I'm thankful for:
- your newly fixed roof
- fleece jackets
- warm paws and velvet ears
- long distance friends whom I've never seen but have received such support and comfort from, and now am receiving the gift of giving support back
- all the wonder cures you've discovered for Herbie
- a warm head on the bed beside me looking for one last pat before the lights are turned off for the night.

Happy Thanksgiving (even though I know you don't celebrate our holiday)!!


Lesley Rigby said...

So often people don't appreciate what they do have until they haven't got it. You sound contented and happy and that is really good. I can feel the warmth in your home and it is priceless.
I had to smile - I have just finished sending off a letter of complaint to the Dental Association about my Dentist and when I scrolled down what do I see but Dentio for the word verification! Oh hum..........