Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wet and windy

... so the dogs are curled up in front of the fire. I've just used a "Chimney Cleaning Log" on my cast-iron stove - I stupidly used some damp wood on the fire a couple of days running, and ended up with sticky black creosote inside the stove. I'm hoping this log thing will be a miracle cure.

One of the things I like at the arboretum are the old tree-stumps that have been carved to look like toadstools. Someone has added little doors and windows to a few, and for some reason it amuses me.

I'm already bored of winter evening walks, juggling two leads, torch, poo-bags and gloves. This evening the wind stole the poo-bags from my hand, and trying to find black poo-bags in the dark is impossible. It's not often I miss street-lights, but tonight... Only another three months until it starts being a little lighter. Something to look forward to, eh?


Lesley Rigby said...

Love the toadstool! I put in a Google search on this arboretum following your last post and it was so interesting. Somewhere I must visit the next time I am out that way. I couldn't understand why I had never heard or seen it mentioned before and great that dogs are allowed in.
Kisses on four velvety ears!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't make glow in the dark poo-bags!!

Hugs to you, Herbie & Hollie!