Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No News Is Good News

Nothing to report, guess I should have taken some photos of my bedside table! Herbie has been enjoying the sunshine here, running up and down, chasing a golden retriever we met in the woods. The owner said apologetically "He loves greyhounds, he won't leave them alone!" Nothing to apologise for, but I nearly acquired a golden who didn't want to get into his owners' greyhoundless car.

This would be Not-Chemo Week 22, and Herbie is doing fine, all things considered. It's getting a little harder to keep the weight on him, but he's eating well.

I did some snow-shopping this morning. There's meant to be a few inches on the way, and I'm just far enough off the gritter route for that to be uncomfortable. The freezer is full again, and all is well.


Ari_1965 said...

What's a gritter?
Is it a snow plow?

Here's my Wordless Wednesday out in the cold dog photo, by the way

HandH said...

A gritter spreads salt on the roads, so the snow melts. It's fine for when there's only a couple of inches. We have snow ploughs as well, but if the council grits before the snow falls, the roads don't ice up as badly.

Fiona said...

Delighted to read about Herbie! love it to hear he's doing well. Hope the snow hasn't restricted you too much. Might do here (Norfolk for the weekend being pampered) and really don't care if we get "snowed in" :o)

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Nothing to report is good, I think! It's great to hear he's running around with friends. Do you think the dogs he meets know he's ill and act slightly differently around him? I found that with Prince, if he was having a bad day, other dogs would be very intuitive and gentle with him, even if they were usually hyper.

HandH said...

I don't know about other dogs - Jemma the Jack Russell, who hates big dogs, still barks the place down whenever we meet. But Holly is much more careful with him, and refuses to go for walks without him, or to leave him at home, so she's not getting as much exercise as she needs. She definitely knows.