Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chemo Week 12

We're just back from Knaresborough, and Herbie is still wobbly from the sedative. Our first visit to Mr. Lowe, who felt that Herbie was still in good condition, despite everything he's been through to date. I felt in really good hands, and had the first good discussion with a vet about how diet can really make a difference. I've been asked to stop all carbs, and if he needs a little fibre to keep his poo firm, try sugar beet pulp. Apparently you can buy this from equine feed merchants, so I'll go to Farmway tomorrow morning.

For tonight, all he's having is a little boiled chicken, and probably the same again for breakfast. And we're back on the prednisolone, just when he'd finally been weaned off them. At the moment, it's any port in a storm. If he doesn't achieve remission with this dose of doxorubicin, there may not be much point in continuing. Once multi-drug resistance develops, as it seems to have done in Herbie's case, all we can do is slow things down a bit.


Lesley Rigby said...

He sounds like a really good vet and so I hope so much that Herbie comes out of remission very soon. He is a tough fighter to have come so far and with an enormous amount of love and good care (which he gets) hopefully he will be with you for much longer than you might think even now. I loved Prince with all my heart and I know the torment you are going through. This "little" dog must be a surviver! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fiona said...

I am praying that this works for Herbie. You are doing absolutely everything you can for him. Love and hugs for you both xxxx

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

I've got everything crossed for you and Herbie - I really hope he responds to the Doxorubicin. Prince had a variation of it (Epirubicin) and I remember that it was one of the strongest drugs in the protocol, so I hope it does the trick. I'm sure the Prednisolone will make him feel good in himself - which is half the battle anyway I think.

Don't forget to soak the sugar beet for at least 12 hours (shreds) or 24 hours (cubes) or he'll have even bigger problems!!

Tilly, Prince and I are all rooting for you....x

Lesley Rigby said...

I should have said goes into remission. Graham would have been mortified at his mother's mistake - I was!!