Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life Before Dogs

It's funny, but I've almost forgotten what it's like not to live with dogs. I've been reminded by reading a wonderful, funny blog by a lady in the pre-greyhound stages (catch it here ).

There's a long list of things I didn't know about or understand before dogs, such as the importance of a good doormat. Other things include (with explanations for the caninely-deprived):

Pig's Ears (yes, real ones, off real pigs, sometimes with an ink tattoo still visible)
Kongs (rubber chewing things stuffed with food - a form of dog entertainment)
Tick tweezers (owning a pair miraculously stops your dog getting ticks - how does that work?)
What Frontline is (flea treatment)
Ditto Panacur and Drontal (worms)
The concept of a poo-torch (unless they go directly under a lamp-post, you will need help finding the pile)
Poo-bags - why biodegradable nappy bags are no good if it's raining (they dissolve before you get home)
Teeth-chattering (your greyhound doesn't have flu, he's just pleased to see you)
Bed ownership (it's not yours anymore, that's for sure)

I'm sure other things will occur to me. Since I've had a dog, complete strangers have stopped me in the street to let me know the butcher's got rabbits in, and the dogs would love one, or that's there's broken glass just past the bus-stop, best take a detour. You become a different person - and it's not just the fine coating of dog-hair on your clothes.


Lesley Rigby said...

I must get a doormat! Every time I see an advertisement for Turtle door mats I think I must get one but I am never at the computer at the time! That is my next job - thanks for the reminder.

I am Graham's mother (Graham, Prince and Tilly) and I am very, very sorry to hear of Herbie and Yogi (Fiona's dog) both having Lymphoma. I hope with all my heart Herbie has many more years with you and it is so possible. Stay strong because the pressures are terrible and the ups and downs tortuous but Graham met people at the hospital whose dogs had pulled through and I will pray that Herbie is one of the lucky ones. XXX

HandH said...

Hello Graham's mother! Turtle mats are good but expensive - I found out after I ordered mine that Orvis do them cheaper, and still machine washable (the crucial bit!) Thak you for all your good wishes.